A downloadable game for Windows

Website: https://manicminers.baraklava.com/

Manic Miners is a completed faithful remake of LEGO Rock Raiders, originally released in 1999, but adds a lot of content and brings it up to modern gaming standards. It is free for everyone to enjoy. Dig in and re-live this immortal game today!

For the latest news, updates, and chatting with other Rock Raiders fans, join the Discord! https://discord.gg/C3hH7mFsMv

MAC: Unfortunately, the game is hasn't been compiled for Mac yet, but will hopefully be soon. Some users have found success using the Game Porting toolkit.

LINUX: Unfortunately, the game is hasn't been compiled for Linux yet, but will hopefully be soon. Some users have found success emulating the game using Lutris/Wine.

Latest version: There is only one unified version now! Just download whatever is below. Last updated: 2023-09-17 (1.0.4 Patch)

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(113 total ratings)
Tags3D, lego, mining, raiders, Remake, rock, rock-raiders, rock_raiders, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine


Manic Miners V1.0.4 1,013 MB

Install instructions

What about Mac or Linux?

They are probably coming eventually.

To install a new game version:

You don't install this game with an installer - it is "portable", meaning you instead get a folder that you can put anywhere on your computer, move it whenever you want, and the game won't be affected. All custom maps, custom textures, miners, profiles and settings are saved in external folders (maps are saved in the Documents folder).

Nevertheless, here are the instructions on how to play the game on a PC:
Prerequisites: First, make sure your computer can unpack compressed Zip files. If you can't, or aren't sure how, I recommend downloading and installing the free program "7Zip" https://www.7-zip.org/. WinRar is another decent alternative. After you have done this, please follow these steps:
Step 1) Download the game .zip file you've chosen and find it on your hard drive
Step 2) Right-click the .zip file and choose "Unpack to ManicMinersV1.0". You may find this under the "7Zip" menu after right-clicking if you installed 7Zip.
Step 3) The game is now placed in a folder next to the .zip file. This folder is portable, meaning you can place it anywhere on your computer. Your levels, profiles and miners are saved in a "global" folder, and will remain even if the game folder is deleted.
Step 4) Open the folder and double-click the .exe file to run the game.
Step 5) If you are having problems, try out the shortcuts in the AlternateVersions folder next to the exe. They are shortcuts to run older graphics versions, basically. If you still have problems, please connect to the Discord server and ask for help in the #troubleshooting channel. (Discord invite: https://discord.gg/C3hH7mFsMv)

Note: Your antivirus might mark the game or zip as suspicious. Don't worry, I've played it myself and it's safe.

To update from an existing game version:

Follow the instructions above again and just place the game in a new separate folder. Never merge the files into an existing folder, as that can cause conflicts leading to crashes. Deleting an existing game folder will not delete any of your save files or levels and is fully safe to do at any time. I recommend deleting old versions of the game entirely so that they're not overwritten by old data. To play older builds, please refer to the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/manic-miners-archive


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who could've guessed that a random comment from a random video YT suggested my led me here. Rock Raiders is my fav childhood game and I still have a copy installed. 

So I wanna say thank you for your hard work. I'm going to play this thoroughly.


Awesome remake and further more a more advanced version, worth trying out if your an old 90s fan or a new one.

Omg i love you, I need a French versioonn :((


Thank you for making this.


So here's how it went. I was talking with my friend about GOG.com and I thought to myself "y'know, what would really make GOG a good service is if they brought in LEGO: Rock Raiders", and to find some examples for my friend about the game I went ahead and looked it up...and saw this "Manic Miners" thing, thinking to myself at the moment "woah, someone made a game inspired by Rock Raiders? Cool, what's it look li--"

And then I opened the link and saw this, and my jaw dropped. You are truly a phenomenon. I've been playing this all day. I wasn't ever too good at the original game as a kid, and I want to finally revisit it now and actually finish this game. I've been so sucked into this, my nostalgia is off the charts. I'm still soaking in the tutorials right now (which are really well made, though a few glitches with the message log but no big deal). 

I cannot believe that this remake exists, it's both amazingly faithful but immensely transformative. The game is beautiful, like how my memory envisions it, though I know it's not anything like how it looked before. I've wanted to replay this game for years now, and I must thank you for your contribution to bringing my childhood back into my hands. The customization shop is also awesome, so many minifig parts I recognize that I had when I was younger, truly this game is just to cater to us fans of one of the greatest eras of LEGO that ever existed. I'm just thoroughly in love, thank you so so much for this.


Oh my god I spent at least 100 hours on this game as a child, I cant believe someone would remake this thank you so much I'm so excited to download this when I get home!!!


Absolutely fantastic! One question, are there plans for a Borderless Windowed mode? The game doesn't stream to Discord unless it's in Windowed mode.


Borderless Windowed unfortunately didn't work so it was removed as a setting, sorry! I might investigate again in the future

Sounds good, hopefully that'll work out.

Was wondering about the minimap, I only see the option to zoom, is there no panning feature?

(1 edit) (+1)

Stoked to play this beautiful classic again. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it! Amazing to actually have a finished product after all the past attempts.

I've been following this for a long time and now that it's finally fully out I'm going to be sinking many hours in! It works great for me on Linux under Proton Experimental, by the way.

thanks for the new tutorials explaining defensive measures. i was finally able to play the missions with monsters properl

Does the new update fix the game turning PC into jet engine ?

(1 edit)

i rather have it turn into a jet engine than it overheating and taking damage.

maybe you need to either lower your grafics settings or buy newer hardware.

Question: I am having an issue with audio. The audio plays during the intro sequence when I turn the game on only. After that, no sound at all. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but its the same problem. Thanks!

LOVE the game and all your work btw!!


There needs to be a way to have miners and transports prioritize tasks closest to them.
Every single mission, I have several areas littered with rubble and ore, but instead of doing the logical thing like clearing/collecting closest to base, the miners will pick whatever random ore or rubble anywhere on the map. 

Just now I'm watching a small transport truck pick up a single ore in area A, then go back to base to pick up a refined stud, then go to area B to pick up another ore, then go to base to dump the ore in the refinery, then go to area C to pick up a third ore, and then go back to base again.
Sometimes I'm also seeing transports pick up only a single piece of ore in between runs because another transport apparently decided that they'll pick up the ore right next to the first one.

This lack of pathing optimization makes missions take upwards of an hour because none of the miners are able to decide who picks up what.

I've seen similar to this in my own game, sometimes if another Miner has selected a particular task, be it rubble or picking up ore/crystals, the other miners will leave it alone.

but I haven't had them go back and forth with 1 single item. I do know however that the miners are coded in the way of getting the nearest ore/crystal from a tool store regardless of which direction it is. Think of the area like the Radius when scanning with the Geological Center. they'll work from the Center point outwards in any direction.

This could be the explanation as to why they are running back and forth, but running back to the base before collecting the next resource shouldn't be happening if the Transporter has spaces available, I'll try some experimentation and get back to you.


This is the greatest thing! In my search for a LRR substitute, I found this! I hoped to find something for switch, just because I think it would work great on that platform. Is it even possible to convert to switch?

I'm afraid a Switch version would be hard, but it's an interesting idea!

Steam Deck version when? 😆

So, bug report, I guess? But I did find this funny, personally. lol -- The remastered version of water works? Uh.. Sorry, the one where Bandit is just waiting there and you have to rescue the other miners. -- A couple Rapid Riders I had actually drove on land (where there was a refinery) to directly deposit some energy crystals into the tool store. lol

Here's my bug report file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-HqaRLvjtkYYx0fHXAPXBOciTYdoAr3_/view?usp=shari...

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I am really enjoying the game, all the memories and nostalgia but with a fresh look and feel. 10/10.

But I can't figure out how to use the vehicle menu, either I have forgotten how to play, or this is a game breaking bug.

It is affecting every level in the campaign.

Even the tutorial seam broken.

Please try re-downloading the game. If you can't progress, please try to create a clean, new profile. It is possible an old profile or old game files is causing this behaviour.

(2 edits) (+1)

Solved: Beware of Network Drives.

The problem persisted after re-downloading and starting a new profile. So I started brainstorming, thinking that my setup could be the problem, and immediately it be became obvious. 

My downloads folder is on a network drive, and I extracted the game files there and ran it. So I moved the game folder to my C drive, and now the vehicle menu works great.

Thank you for your support, It was just a silly mistake for me to try running it from a local network.

 I went to play today and my profile and progress has dissapeared? Anyone else have this problem or have i just screwed up somewhere? haha

Well it seems to work now. Maybe I clicked the reset button by accident or something.

Awesome remake anyway, a great achievement.

I have "prioritize studs" enabled in my settings, but when I try to build a structure with less than 5 ore but 15 studs, my miners want to build with only the ore. If I dispense studs, they pick up the studs but put them back into storage.

(1 edit)

I'm also seeing a discrepency in the miners' priorities- by default, picking up ore is the lowest priority.

However in larger maps when I end up having a whole lot of rubble around and I want to build something, I have to wait a long time to get it done because everyone is too busy picking up ore across the map (let alone the ore in immediate visibility to the base, LET ALONE the mountains of rubble I still have all over the place, or any orders to dig or reinforce walls, which are usually at the top of the priorities list) to bother putting any of the collected ore or studs into the structure right next to the tool shed.

I have to either manually control a miner to deposit the ore into the new structure, or completely disable ore pickup in the priority list.


Very exciting to see my childhood classic come back out of nowhere, thank you!

Would it be possible to add a slider option to set the map scrolling speed while controlling the camera with the keyboard? The default seems to be a little too fast for my taste.

So excited to play this childhood classic again. Thank you for making this

Loved playing this game as a kid, its just like I remember!

Best game. Best game. 
If you like games like Dungeon Keeper. It a must play.
If you play Deep Rock Galactic, it also a fun. Rock and Stone!

I'm gonna miss that Lava Lake Cavern for a Main Menu but the new one is amazing.


It was a complete fluke that I came across this yesterday through my Youtube feed. (Hours after the premiere released, apparently?) This is SO a game I didn't know remember I wanted, because I lost my original disc over two decades ago and emulation just a decade ago had the game too obsolete to do everything. lol (Wow am I old..) I also just want to note that it was a rather nice touch that you added an option to have a random crash every 40-ish minutes emulating the original game. lol


V1.0 is released! Please enjoy :D


Hey Barak I am a linux(Musl libc) user. Can I have the source code to port to other platforms(Linux+GNU, Linux+MUSL, BSD, ETC.)?


I'll look into Linux and Mac builds when I find the time!

Thank you so much for developing this remake especially with so much dedication!

Would love a Mac build of this if you find some time

I'm beyond thrilled to see this project, even more so knowing it didn't end up being one of the many "Starts project, project quickly dies"  endeavors.   Massive, massive thanks to you for taking this on and bringing it so far <3

I've currently only one 'request'  and that would be if at all possible a native screenshot feature,  like say CivilizationIV where pressing (F12 I think it was by default?)  would take a snapshot and put it in the game's folder.
PrntScreen asks for confirmation before actually saving it and on my double-monitor setup will capture the second monitor too,   but in the meantime - or if this is a feature you can't add -  ScreenHunter serves as a good alternative

(1 edit)

Hello, if you go to the Pause Menu, there is a button called "Cinematic Camera". I should allow you to natively take cinematic screenshots from any angle :) I think there is a bug in the current build where it hides the UI though, if that happens please go to the settings and just click Apply and it'll show up again (fixed for next version)

(1 edit)

Thank you!  A minor note though in that after taking the screenshots in that mode  the minimap gets reset.

Two smaller questions,    are the original Tutorial Missions going to be in the game?  Its more of a nostalgia thing than for practical reasons.

The second - and apologies if I missed this being explained elsewhere - but the  percentages under each mission are gone.  Is that a feature that was removed or will it be added again later?  I remember in the original game it was impossible to get 100% on every mission because of an unreachable condition in The Gauntlet(?)

It was removed, it felt like such an unfinished feature and didn't quite make sense because players could never know what counted for the score. Instead you have a crystal and time record saved, so you can race to beat your own records or compare with others if you'd like :) 

The original tutorials would take several months of dedicated programming work to implement, and it was decided it is too much effort just to replicate those when they wouldn't be very useful to the average player. They might happen in the future, but I would not bet on it, as the existing tutorials do the job fine considering all the new features that need to be explained.

Oh yeah definitely;  it was one of those kind of features that's just 'there' and isn't explained enough or at all.  The time/resources record definitely feels better (Though my Time scores will forever be bad due to how often I pause the game - timer ticks on even when paused)

Don't worry about it then~  I can't claim to know anything about how porting this project works under the hood and even just rebuilding them in the supplied Editor would as you said be of minimal usefulness beyond just being there.

A note about print screen: if you hold Alt while pressing prntscreen, it will only take a screenshot of your active application. So as long as your  game is focused, pressing alt+prntscreen will copy a screenshot of just the game to the clipboard.

Oh that's good to know! 

I can barely wait...

Helloo, I have never played this game before so I went to the tutorial and I have no idea how to play this! The tutorial is: Rock Raiders, and how to use them. I'm not sure if its broken or not enough info is given so a new play can learn. the game looks cool though so keep up the good work

It's an area we absolutely need to work on, hopefully it will be improved for the 1.0 update :)




The old Lego games were a big part of my childhood, glad one of the more obscure ones is getting some love.
We will watch your career with great interest.

Looking forward to it when it comes to Linux :)


Native versions are nice and all but this plays just fine under wine/proton already though.

(X)Wayland bois have some thoughts.


Here's idea if you want to make a part two for the campaign. After our miner's obtained enough power crystals the HMS Explorer makes her voyage home, however on her way home a planet is surveyed to high amounts of rare ore and variants of normal power crystals. After running the numbers our on board science personal determined the both the rare ore and variant crystal can make a jump gate to send us home. This will cut the time needed to go back home by over half a year, and make possible come back and mine this galactic cluster. Even if the mission fails the ore and crystals can be used improve our ship for the long trip ahead. Game play changes/ideas: I think this idea should be after you make the engine more easily mod-able/ easier make things in for your sanity. The ore and crystals what can/should be done with them, rare ore can be like special gold/sliver bricks you find in other Lego game(they don't have to look like them they can look like shiny cobalt and people would get the gist.), And can make special building/ upgrades adding more to the game(also for lore reason why your raiders can all of suden make all of this now is that they don't have to conserve resources and have access to rare stuff repair hard make parts). Crystals can maybe make upgrade paths for example: the red power crystals contain low amount of energy to their green counters, but release it powerful short bursts. The path for them can be like buildings can defend themselves with turret, but require recharge frequently. Blue crystals have huge amount of energy, but can't relate it much best used capacitors, the capacitors can be to power shielded buildings (any building players chose) if put at key locations can give miner's a chance to respond to cave dewelers. There more you do with crystals, but I'm already making a small novel here so I move to the next. Minimal researching: your crew is mostly miner's, some engineers and other staff, you don't have enough egg heads to up make things up they only can modify and improve what already got/know to the planet. This dose not mean your raiders can't make advancement them self's, but is good way to have double research system one that is campaign upgrades the other mission one(lore wise mission ones are your engineers and some sci staff adapting your equipment to the environment, campaign one's can be taken to any mission any time and how to contextualize then is the mix of rare ore, crystals, and other things {mission objective/finds} permit your miner's do things that wouldn't be cost effective normally). Now fully to game play: your miner's in the first game always had a problem the only thing is you can do this so much for the second campaign, because most people whould think with the excess ore/crystals they would repair the teleporters so what to do? I think a mix of surface missions (some places on the are so rich that our teleporters can't get in caverns/ there's no caverns big enough so mine your way in) with focus vehicles and getting to point a to b and unlocks rich mine missions./ Parallel mine operations mission where you and ai/another player are on same map(this can be done a few ways rescue where you or ai have safe each other, out last where you or ai defend while the other mines the qouta for resources/rich mission difficult bonus mission level is rich in ore and crystals and maybe a meta currency for upgrades on the HMS Explorer for crew or ship cosmetic and gameplay advantage (not bought through cash meta currency unless cosmetic only) a test of the players skills./factory mine where you make a bace factory to make parts for the gate a mission you come back to now again as get resources from the other missions (make this mission one if you lose you lose the whole game make the story reason is that you had rip out important parts of your ship to make the bace and while they can replace it with the material you made this far the one they rip is massivly better and we'll made out for you so will lead to a huge morale loss if destroyed and make the miner's to leave the planet. All the other mission can be retryed.) But don't make the mission to hard unless the players make it that way. The mission is best used as way to teach players good bace design while also letting the experiment. The mission profile should read like, hello Rock Raider our probes have found a area heavily devoid of both ore and crystals, making excellent area to make parts needed for the project away from majority of critters of the planet, however any thing that still lives here is tough and will respond to "food" that we brought so make sure your defenses are strong before making more for the factory.(also could add secret boss that will give the miner's quite the trip). Monsters in game can be variations of the one we had already and some new ones, I will only give one idea as I think if you read this you already have ideas you want to share. You know on the rock raiders set the rock misters are sometimes over grown with crystals, you can have it if you defeat them they yield the crystals in defeat (also go way to say the planet rich in crystals but not add more than 1st campaign they ate so much that they grew them and have hunt them for excess crystals). If like this share your idea you had in the reply and any thing you think needs expanded or more details add your own versions in the reply. I did this before I lost the idea as I have other things I like to think about and I'm unsure I'll come back to add more .


I cannot believe this ! Honestly I just can't.

One of my favorite childhood games that I haven't been able to play for years, back to life with new graphics.

And even better, all the little annoying things from the original games, all the bad A.I., shit optimizations, and wonky gameplay elements are just GONE

It's like the perfect version of the game I dreamed of when I was small boy, and it exists ! THERE IS EVEN THE GIANT HELICOPTER OMFG :")

I'm speechless. I'm so happy to play this again and somehow it is even better than I remembered

Thank you so much, so so much

I think you made a lot of people very happy with this.


Bro!! thank you so much! you have no idea what you did for my inner child! I was going crazy trying to make this game work! and you made it even better! 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤


Glad you like it! And it's only getting better ^^

Cant wait!! ❤❤❤


Dude, This is Fantastic! Not only have you kept it's original form and gameplay, but you've massively improved it with the hot keys, the camera zoom where you can go as far out as seeing the whole map, then the level creator, customising your miners DUDE, above and beyond. Can not wait until you get this fully complete, it's brilliant, awesome job.


Glad you like it! Very near a 1.0 version now with all original features :D

Small thing, I'm trying to create my own Level, it saves ok, but when I try to reload the level to continue to edit it, the File folder is empty. Am I looking in the wrong place? or is the editor not 100% yet?


It's possible that it either fails saving the file (no permissions) or it thinks there is no folder, see if you can create the folder "ManicMiners" in "My Documents", and then a folder inside that called "Levels", and try again

(1 edit)

The ManicMiners folder is there, but no Levels folder, I'll create one then save a test board, update with an edit.

Update, has the Levels folder, but still doesn't save the level, only thing in there is an Text Document labeled 'Empty!


Really looking forward to more updates. (the ice monsters)


Missing source code (and linux support).
There is only one developer. The project could be stopped or deleted at any time.

for free


Thank you so much for putting this together. I loved this game and it really defined my love of games in the future. Amazing work!

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