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This is honestly best find on ITCH so far!!! Loved Rock Raiders as a kid, loved the original game as teenager and and I love this remake as a grownup!!

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I still have the original cd, in relatively good condition. Looks like "someone" tampered with it tho, and i am unable to run it on even older setups. :(

edit:Got it set up on an old laptop. Yayy!

Thank you for getting it going!


Hey for anyone interessted in playing this on Linux:

You need Steam:

  • Add the .exe as Non-Steam Game (you have to "show all files")
  • Go to the game properties
    • goto compatibility
    • select "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibillity tool"
    • select "Proton 6.3-8" (7.x does not work properly)

So far everything seems to work incl level-editor.

(Tested with V0.3.5 Stable)


Hello, first of all, thx for making this game, its really cool to see that Rock Raiders is not forgotten!

i do have a Question, its abou the Cargo Carrier: idk how get it into Lava after you get the lava upgrade, as far as i have seen there are no Missions were the water and lava conect, or is it a thing that will be later in the game?


Hi, it's more of a "fun feature" that level designers can use if they want :) You can place the Docks next to lava but the Cargo Carrier doesn't start with the upgrade. I might actually have to re-consider that and maybe make the Cargo Carrier start with the lava upgrade...

aaaa that makes sense, thx for the reply.


12/10 beauty at its finest, bringing back a childhood classic in such a better manner than some of the remasters that came out recently.


10/10 you have made so many peoples day bringing this childhood classic back! <3


I'm glad you like the game! More updates coming soon ^^


Hell yeah! Excited to get back into this! Ive been on and off with the classic  RR, but it was always buggy using a virtual machine of Win7. Thanks for keeping this game alive!


sweet! Raiders lives again!


the "Keep Playing" Option is brilliant! no more editing my memory values in cheat engine to keep playing lol :)


it's so beautiful... Thank you! I've been waiting 15 years!


This looks amazing, I miss the old Lego Rock Raiders and totally forgot about it until, This looks very promising. Keep up the great work.


This is really amazing stuff, an almost perfect recreation of the original but the extra options and customization make it even better.

Pretty sure the miners are smarter than in the original too!

I hope a finished version with monsters is on the way someday, but do you think you could you leave an experimental download with monsters and creatures in the meantime?

Hi, experimental builds now contain Monsters and combat elements, feel free to check it out!

Not bad, makes it way more challenging! :D


Made a video about this game!


As a long time lego fan, and someone who had only known of the rock raiders from old advertisements and  lego collectors books, even i had known that the rock raiders pc game was something of a flawed gem - incredible promise but a terrible pain to get running. This game is a wonderful way to play that original lego game without worrying about where to download and how to run it.  I'm also going to have to check back with the original features because i dont remember hearing about customization in the original. 


This is fucking awesome. I just made an account to let you know that you're doing gods work my man. Really looking forward for the full game.

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this is like a pure shot of nostalgia, i had to get back into the gameplay but its amazing how well this remake works, definetly will play more!! so awesome!!! just had to make a Letsplay: 

PS: I found a bug where reinforcing the last wall you need to dig through in the tutorial, triggers the ending, just like it was exploded. its seeable in the video :)


You've brought a dearly-loved piece of childhood abandonware back from the dead; back and better than ever! The design is faithful and polished, the gameplay recaptures the spirit of the game, and the improvements upon the original are all much needed and much appreciated! The AI is ruthlessly efficient compared to the original, the quality of life changes smooths out the experience immeasurably, and the Raider customization adds just that little extra bit of heart to the game.

Brilliant work, I will be following your work with great anticipation. If there is anything people can do to help (test, provide systems specs, whatever) then let us know!



the best memories just come back when i saw the HD green crystrals fell to the ground. this game IS my childhood. I saw my parents smiling at me with fully black hair, and i was just the kid, no worries about marriage, no worries about money to make, dont know what is pressure, just wandering in the underworld, exploring. this is not just a game to me. i really hare tears. Thank you, my buddy. my gratefulness to you is beyond words. 

A great remake! Downloaded it today, and I must say, I'm even more pleasantly surprised than I expected to be! This is an HD remake of my childhood. Can't wait for the Lego Logo remake ;)

What engine is this made with, by the way? 

Keep up the good work! 


Thank you! It is made in Unreal Engine 4. Hope to see you when the next version launches!

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I can't believe you're offering this for free.  After all the time I've spent trying to make rock raiders work, I would've gladly paid for this. 

Only complaint is the cargo carrier should have something to make it worthwhile instead of the tunnel transport.  I agree with peter.

I absolutely love this and I'm excited to see where you take it in the future!

Fantastic job! Exceptionally faithful to the original and very fun! I have two suggestions having played most of the campaign.

The cargo carrier is presently useless in the face of the tunnel transport (not your fault of course, it was removed from the original game after all!) My suggestion would be to allow the cargo carrier to transport 4 or so miners if it isn't carrying a vehical.

The other suggestion is a variation on the dispense option from the tool store, have a button for transport vehicals (and possibly miners) that will cause them to run to a tool store you select and pick up a resource (or multiple for transports), they will not put the resource back at least for a few seconds (or possibly it could be locked to them with a toggle). This allows for easier loading of say, a small transport filled with studs, to be taken by a cargo carrier.

Again fantastic job! I hope this project gets to be everything you want it to be!

Yes yes and YES! Just like the original game but better as far as being remastered! Missing some elements like monsters but I am having a blast! :)

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This is totally astonishing work, I'm at a loss for words... I was just thinking back to the old days when I used to play Lego Rock Raiders as a child, and today I just kind of searched it up for fun. When I found THIS however, I was mindblown. 

I just started playing around 10 minutes ago, and now I can pick up crystals and use the shovel in eye/shoulder mode!!?!?? My dream has come true! I'm gonna enjoy this for a good while :D

I'm genuinely impressed by your work so far. The level of detail of the models, excellent animations, high quality graphics and it also runs as smooth as whipped cream. I hope you take your time with this game and don't get burnt out, your work so far is superb.

I've recently heard of the Lego Rock Raiders game, and, being a fan of RTSs, I wanted to try it out, but I didn't have a working copy. Then I found out about this. It's really good and definitely has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

This is so Awesome. And the graphics looks so much better than the origonal. Very cool project.


OMG thanks a lot for this! i was just reinstalling the original (with all the troubles), but this makes my day.

That's a really great remake! I think you should make the game a little bit darker, maybe by adding some fog? Anyway, I'm waiting for monsters update! :D


Fog is possibly coming later, but you have full access to regular lighting settings in the Quick Settings menu in the upper right corner!

It crashed my graphics driver :( 


Hey, this might mean running the engine is not supported on your computer. Please consult the troubleshooting. If this is persistent, you might need to use another DirectX version. Currently the game supports DX11 and DX12, but I can compile for DX10 and DX9 too, even Vulkan and some older graphics methods. These will likely be uploaded as special versions here when I feel a "last patch" for V0.3 is ready.


This means a lot to me. For real. I have a lot of nostalgia for this game and playing this has made me so happy. Thank you!


Thank you so much for creating this!! Please keep up the great work, and if you ever start accepting donations, I will gladly send you a great many dollars!

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Man, I remember my dad and I being impressed by the cutscenes in RR when I was a kid. It almost feels like I'm playing those cutscenes now, but even more detailed. I love the details and little secrets and especially chiefs corner. I think chiefs corner has a lot of potential for longevity and replayability. Maybe something to consider but I was thinking that the chiefs corner could be implemented with sort of a community shop where people can upload their creations and set a price. I think it would be cool having some really expensive items and always seeing new stuff appear. (I've also been wondering about the possibilites of mulitplayer.  Maybe a long shot, but possibly coop or a sort of "deathmatch" mode similar to dungeon keeper? Or even just a splitscreen mode where player 2 could control a miner using a gamepad) 

Anyways, I love the work you're doing, I'm so happy to see my childhood come back to life in this way. Can't wait to see what you do with the monsters. Keep up the good work Baraklava! :D

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How do i remove the dx12 command line argument?

BTW, Im SO SO SO SO happy I found this project!  Loved Rock Raiders as a kid, love it still, love your AI scripting.  Played Baz's Mod a lot, can't wait for this project to reach full completion!

You have done excellent work so far with this re-make, the level of detail is really impressive. I tried the latest version with vehicles added last night and the vehicles seem to work very well.

Keep up the good work. :D

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I would gladly contribute for this awesome project on a Kickstarter (or something like that). I have read your FAQ and I hope you will really consider it later. All work deserves to be rewarded. ;)

In addition, this would give visibility to your project and help to make it discover to people who would be pleased to see these Lego bricks come back to life in such a beautiful way. ;)

You could maybe even develop an entirely new story-driven-campaign, depending on the promotion success, no?

Anyway, thank you so much for your great work!

Hey! No donations, sorry, I'm firm on that one. Keep up to date on the Discord with other ways to potentially contribute though!

Deleted 104 days ago

My idea of a Randomly generated map requires a bit more balancing than simply making a random map, however if you look at the pinned posts in the Discord server's #modding channel, vyldr has created a random map generator that probably does what you want!

That's so impressive, Lego Rock Raiders is my favourite Lego Classic Games and your project remind me a lot of memory. The work done is so impressive, a lot of mission already available, nice graphics, and I was really surprise of the level editor which is so nice. Probably one of the greatest fan game I've ever seen. Thank you so much for this work.

Thank you so much for making this game!

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